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Take A Number

The Turn-O-Matic take a number system is the most widely used customer service system in the world. It allows your customers to wait in  relaxed comfort or continue shopping without having to worry about missing their turn.

Turn-O-Matic systems are being used by supermarkets, deli's, government agencies, banks and others looking to organize their customer waiting lines in a fair and effecient manner.

Label it maintains an extensive stock of wired and wireless units which are packaged with easy installation instructions and everything you need to get started.

The systems can be customized to accomodate multiple indicators and remotes to handle your unique over the counter, order pick up, or parallel pick up applications.

We stock the tickets and components for both the D-80 and D900 Turn-O-Matic dispensers. Tickets can also be custom printed to include a promotional message or coupon to stimulate additional in store purchases.

Informational Material

Take-A-Number Price Sheet

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