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Textiles South offers fabric converting services including die cutting, slitting, fusing and warehousing services.

Die Cutting

Our facility has two die clickers and an extensive inventory of dies in stock. Our cutting service includes interlining, embroidery backing and fabric die cutting.


We have a 60" Astex fusing machine and offer a roll to roll contract fusing service for apparel and home furnishings. Care should be used to select the proper fusible for your fabric, and we can help. Fused rolls can then be die cut to your specifications.


Our Judelshon slitter allows us to slit your interlining or fabric rolls down to smaller widths to accommodate work processing and handling.


We have available clean space in our Miami, FL warehouse for storage of product that can be palletized and stocked. Our services include receiving, stocking, order filling, shipping and local deliveries.

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